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Purchase of Service Application Process

Purchase of Service Application Process

If you are a licensed child care provider or approved recreation program, there are funding and training opportunities to support you. Providers are able to apply for a Purchase of Service Agreement with PELASS.

Service Provider Eligibility

In order to be deemed eligible for a Service Agreement with PELASS, service providers must:

Have a current clear and valid license issued by the Ministry of Education under the Child Care and Early Years Act;

Be selected as the lead agency through a public process for Special Needs or EarlyON funding;

Meet the eligibility requirements to be deemed an approved recreation provider in order to be eligible for child care fee subsidy and to receive special needs supports;

Complete and submit a Service Agreement Application including all the required paperwork and financial information requested;

Meet and maintain the requirements set by PELASS, as outlined in the Service Provider Service Agreement and User Guide, in relation to specific program funding streams;

The agency/program must be located within the counties of Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington;

Be inclusive of children with special needs; and

Be inclusive of children in receipt of fee subsidy.

There are two types of Service Agreements:
  • A Service Agreement that provides funding for base funding i.e. General Operating funding
  • A fee subsidy agreement only.
Complete an Application of Purchase of Service Agreement if you are:
  • A new licensed centre-based licensee;
  • A new licensed home child care agency;
  • Acquiring a program through an asset sale or sales transfer; or
  • Amalgamating two or more licensees/agencies.

Please complete one application form for each licensed child care centre-based site or licensed home child care agency that is new.

Please contact the Children’s Services office to access these forms.

If you are an Authorized Recreation program or summer camp program:
  • You must submit proof of authorization as per Section 1 of O. Reg. 138/15 under the Child Care and Early Years Act which defines a “children’s recreation program” as A program operated by a children’s recreation service provider listed in a schedule under O. Reg. 797 of the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Act.
  • You must complete the Recreation Purchase of Service Agreement Application and submit all required documents as outlined in the Recreation Fact Sheet. Please contact the Children’s Services office to access these forms.